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Earn Excellent Passive Income by Investing in Real Estate Notes.


Our Mission.

To provide our investors and our company with above average investment returns with real estate notes while helping borrowers stay in their homes.
Our Investors

We offer a great fixed return that is secured by real property. Our partners get paid before we do.

The Borrower

Banks are not very flexible. We are. We work with the borrower to find ways to keep them in the house if possible.

The Bank

Banks sell to us to get non-performing assets off of their books. This allows them to free up more money to create new loans.

Our Company

We work hard to make a good profit by engineering profitable deals for all involved.


The Process

Trinity West Notes business model purposefully utilizes investment strategies where all parties can benefit.

Find Distressed Assets

We build solid relationships with our private investor network, banks, hedge funds, servicing companies, and others in the industry to provide a smooth process of acquiring performing and non-performing commercial and residential real estate notes across the country.

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Evaluate each Note

From our initial asset screening to making the initial offer to final due diligence, we have processes and specialists across the US to help with each phase of evaluation and purchasing.  We calculate the returns for multiple exit strategies and make sure that each property meets our minimum return threshold.  There is inherent risk in all investments, including notes, but we try and take as much of the guesswork out of the equation as possible.


Purchase with our Investment Partners

Many of our investors use self-directed IRAs when investing with us.  Investing in notes is an ideal way to obtain a high rate of return with passive cashflow collateralized by real estate. We structure our deals so that our investment partners receive a preferred fixed return – we only get paid after we pay our investors.  We are completely transparent with our investors about the status of each investment.


Rehabilitate the note

We treat each borrower with respect and dignity through our team’s reach-out to determine why they are behind on their mortgage. We work with professionals to determine if we can help the borrower stay in their home if that is their goal.  Not only does this help the borrower and their community, it is often the most profitable strategy for everyone involved.  If we are unable to work with the borrower, we will foreclose and use one of several exit strategies.


about us.

Trinity West Notes is a Texas based real estate investment firm specializing in buying and selling performing and non-performing residential and commercial notes throughout the U.S.  

The company was founded in 2003 by Jeff and Karen Bernsen.  Both are experienced in different areas of the industry including buy and hold properties, 35+ fix and flips, and owner-financed notes.  In 2018, they decided to retool their business and focus on investing in real estate paper.  This offers many more opportunities to remain profitable in a variety of markets and conditions. 



 “My wife Sharon and I had the good fortune to meet Jeff and Karen Bernsen back in 2005. And, over the course of our ongoing personal relationship, they have become what we call a “5-star” business relationship, as well.

Starting in 2007, we participated in 7 real estate deals with Jeff and Karen.  Throughout the course of these transactions, Jeff and Karen proved to be knowledgeable real estate professionals with the ability to proactively anticipate and mitigate risks, craft creative solutions, as needed, to effectively resolve problems, and, most importantly, deliver on promised results.”

Steve Clyde

Investor, Real Estate Broker Associate


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